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Hi! So glad you're here! Can I tell you a bit about this place? This area of the California coast has some of the most awesome natural outdoor beauty. The urban and the wild mingle here. The tall trees, the delicate rustling of eucalyptus leaves, the pounding of the surf or gurgle of a secluded creek are short drives from anywhere in the county. Get a crick in your neck exploring the ageless Giant Redwood Trees that are older than the Roman Empire, experience sandy beaches, rain forests, the wetlands and windswept ridges. See for yourself, visit the Gallery.
And after you've seen the redwood trees, check out the agricultural, timber, railroad and American Indian heritage resources in Humboldt County. Arts and culture abound!

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Our Latest Webcams for checking local weather and ocean conditions!
More of our cams are here.

Fortuna WebcamA new cam in Fortuna! It overlooks Fortuna from the hill above downtown. A beautiful view of Fortuna, the weather, and the Wildcat and Bear River Ridge! You'll see lots of snow there pretty soon.

Eureka/Arcata Airport WebcamThree new cameras at the north end of the Eureka/Arcata Airport, right above Clam Beach. The image updates every minute during the daylight hours. That airport's in a foggy place, and there's some history connected with that, read about the FIDO project here. If it's clear you can generally see the ocean just above the horizon. Enjoy the sunsets!

Rohnerville Airport WebcamWe replaced an existing camera at the Rohnerville Airport with this awesome and new high-definition camera. It faces the west and shows the incoming weather, and on occasion displays one of our magnificent sunsets. Usually you can see the Eel River and the Ferndale Bottoms in the distance. Fernbridge is in the camera's view but it is too far away to see clearly. The image updates every minute during the daylight hours. Check it out here and enjoy this new camera.

Lost Coast Headlands view from Shelter CoveThat's the Lost Coast Headlands Live Web Cam on the left, and it is one of five mounted on the balconies at the Inn of the Lost Coast in Shelter Cove. This one updates every minute, and you can use these cameras to see if the ocean has laid down enough for fishing without your having to drag the boat all the way out to the end of Briceland Road.

Point Arena LighthouseThis new webcam is at the Point Arena Lighthouse in southern Mendocino County. It faces west and updates each minute from early morning through late evening. We have two other cameras there and the north camera shows a bit of the surf at Manchester Beach State Park. During the installation we discovered that the wind there can be pretty ferocious.

More cams here


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Local History of Fortuna and the Eel River Valley
Local Gardening in this unique Mediterranean climate

Redwood Railroads, a brief pictorial history
Picture Gallery of Fortuna and the area
Those Giant Redwoods and that rain forest we live in

City Government, local government information
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The random images below are available in a larger format in the Picture Gallery and as slideshow 1 or slideshow 2 or slideshow 3. High-resolution pictures of local events are located at

Slide Show from Sunny Fortuna, the Friendly City!

This calendar is for events being held in the Eel River Delta area. To have your event included, email the webmaster.
You are also encouraged to post your event on our Community Bulletin Board.

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Fortuna Theater Show Times
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 :: Local Webcams

New camera in Fortuna

A new cam in Fortuna! Overlooks Fortuna from the hill above downtown and updates every minute. A beautiful view of Fortuna, the weather, and the Wildcat and Bear River Ridge! You'll see lots of snow up there pretty soon.
Webcam on South Fortuna Bulevard

This webcam is sponsored by Fortuna Wheel and Brake and is located on South Fortuna Boulevard.
Downtown FortunaCam

The Downtown Fortuna Main Street webcam is sponsored by the Fortuna Downtown Merchants.
Webcam at Fortuna's River Lodge

The awesome River Lodge cam pans, tilts and zooms while it shows you a different picture of the Eel River Delta every fifteen seconds. The only camera of its kind on the North Coast!

Webcam at Murray Field Airport in Eureka

One of the webcams at Murray Field in Eureka. This airport was first established in 1919. Go there to visit the other cams!

Webcam at the Garberville Airport

We have four cams at the Garberville Airport.
Enjoy this sunny part of Southern Humboldt!
Webcam at the Rohnerville Airport

This Rohnerville Airport webcam shows the view to the west.
There are three other cams at this airport.

A gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean from our awesome cam on one of the balconies at the Inn of the Lost Coast in Shelter Cove. Check out the Surf Cam, too!
Point Arena Lighthouse image

Three cams at the Point Arena Lighthouse in southern Mendocino County!
Eureka/Arcata Airport image

Three more cams at the Eureka/Arcata Airport near McKinleyville. These are at the northern end of the airport, right above Clam Beach. If it's a clear day you can see the ocean.
Webcam at the Shelter Cove Airport

We have four cams at the Shelter Cove Airport, and we have also added views of the ocean from the Inn of the Lost Coast.

Daffodil Show at Fortuna River Lodge
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