Exploring the Eel River Valley

Giant Redwood Trees, Ewoks and Victorian Gingerbread

Pull off the Interstate and take a drive back in time up Highway 101, parallel to the Northern California coast. Spend a leisurely day or two exploring the Eel River Valley area and you'll be amazed at what you'll find.   Continued below.

Giant Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest of Northern California.

Inside a Grove of Giant Redwood Trees on the Avenue of the Giants.  Photo courtesy of Jon Von Neumann.

Redwood forests are now found only in a narrow strip of temperate rain forest that stretches along the coast of Northern California. Those Giant Redwoods are so tall, so dense, and so crowded...   more

  • Those Giant Redwoods!
  • Avenue of the Giants
  • Ewoks!
  • Julia Hill and the Redwood "Luna"

  • The Redwood Parks
  • Living in a Rain Forest
  • Headwaters Forest Reserve

  • Redwood Facts
  • Prolific Producers
  • The Role of Fog

  • How Redwoods Get So Tall
  • More Redwood Facts
  • How to Grow Your Own Redwood Tree
  • Victorian Ferndale

    Romantic Carriage Rides in Victorian Ferndale.

    Romantic Carriage Rides in Victorian Ferndale.

    Ferndale is a photographer's paradise in a fairy-tale setting. The fertile bottom lands of the Eel River Valley made possible Victorian Ferndale's gingerbread homes, built from redwood lumber and dairy profits, and colloquially named "Butterfat Palaces". Ferndale has starred in two major motion pictures, Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman, and The Majestic, starring Jim Carrey. Take a stroll into the romantic past, explore the museums, visit quaint gift and specialty shops, see the blacksmith at his forge.

    Explore the Environment

    Cape Mendocino and the Lost Coast of Northern California.

    Visit the Lost Coast and Watch the Whales at Cape Mendocino. Photo courtesy of Mark Brown

    Explore tide pools, watch the whales, enjoy a hike. Walk the Lost Coast. Enjoy North Coast California, there's no other place like it.



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