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Growing a Redwood Clone

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Redwoods are also capable of stump sprouting, from dormant buds in the burls (a burl is a wart-like mass that develops from buds which have not yet elongated into shoots) at the base of a tree, or from trees that have fallen. This gives them a great reproductive advantage over species that reproduce only by seeds, because the sprouts can use the existing parent tree's roots. If a redwood is felled or badly burned, a ring of new trees, called a "fairy ring", sprout from burls around the base of the trunk. Successive generations of sprouts are clones, meaning that the genetic information of an individual redwood may be thousands of years old.

Sprouted Redwood Burl.

Sprouted Redwood Burl.

The easiest way to grow a redwood is by cloning one. The redwood lumber growers do this, selecting the best trees for their stock. Obtain a burl and place it in a sunny spot, in a shallow container containing a small amount of water so that the bottom of the burl remains wet. The burl will grow your own little forest of redwood shoots. Where do you get a burl? Come visit the redwoods in Northern California and you can purchase one at the many shops lining the Avenue of the Giants.


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