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The Redwood Forest

California's Old Growth Temperate Rain Forest

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The term "old growth", synonymous with "ancient" and "all aged," actually refers to the entire forest community. The multilayered top traps moisture and lets in sunlight, the dead trees and fallen logs on the floor provide homes for many creatures and nourishment for them and future plants. Every thing, living and dead, plays a role here. These groves create the most impressive ancient forests on earth.

Redwoods are the tallest living things on earth, some growing to more than 360 feet tall. With their massive trunks and shallow root systems, they only grow naturally in the moist and mild climate of the North Coast of California and Southern Oregon.

Redwoods are also the fastest growing softwood tree in the U.S. and often grow 130 feet in 30 years and 170 feet in 50 years, yet the redwood can live to be well over 2,000 years old.

Giant Redwood Trees of Northern California.

Inside a Grove of Giant Redwood Trees in the Headwaters Reserve.

There are 90,000 acres of the pre-settlement Coast Redwoods remaining today and most of these are in parks and public preserves, including the famous Headwaters Reserve. Almost one in five of the remaining ancient trees are in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, located just a few miles south of Fortuna. The Avenue of the Giants and the Bull Creek Road pass through some of the finest remaining forests, but the best way to experience the redwood's cathedral-like grandeur is to hike one of the many easy park trails.     Continued.

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The Redwoods


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