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Huh?    A Disaster Fair?

The North Coast of California is a very unique place. Its incredible natural beauty makes it a very desirable place to live.

But three major tectonic plates intersect there (earthquakes), summers are extremely dry with high inland temperatures (forest fires), the Pacific Ocean contributes to some very dramatic weather (extremely high winds and huge waves), the high winter rainfall (floods) and the vertical terrain (rescues) cause problems; but these all combine to also make this a very exciting place to live.

There's a large group of people involved in disaster relief, and if they're not busy, what do they do? Why, they put on a show featuring all of their great toys!

The Disaster Preparedness Fair 2006 will be held on Saturday, October 7 at South Fortuna Elementary School, located at the corner of Fortuna Boulevard and Newburgh Road. The excitement starts at 10am and continues until 2pm.

Free handouts! Free helicopters, fire trucks and cop cars! Well, free only to look at and sit in and talk to the people who normally would sit in them.

Come meet the men and women who serve you in times of need! Learn some valuable skills and how you can prepare for any disaster. How to fill and stack sandbags during flooding.

This event is being held in conjunction with the Apple Harvest Festival.


California Highway Patrol

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California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
Visit Smokey and play games!
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Plan Ahead...


United States Coast Guard

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Here's some information about that big orange helicopter...



Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department

Fortuna Police Department

City of Fortuna

The Salvation Army

The American Red Cross

US Marine Corps

US Navy

Humboldt Sheriff / Office of Emergency Services

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Redwood Amateur Radio Club

and many more . . .


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For more information contact the Fortuna Police Department at 707-725-7550