Fortuna Rodeo Parade


View the Fortuna Rodeo Parade LIVE on the Downtown Cam at noon Pacific time, Saturday, July 16, 2011!

2002 Parade pictures here

2004 Parade pictures here 

The Fortuna Rodeo boasts the "best parade north of Pasadena." according to Hal Hummel, one of the parade organizers. It is free to enter the parade and all are welcome. The parade features a Wells Fargo stagecoach or Budweiser wagon, the Marine color guard, the rodeo band and many other entries. "We've got kids, all sorts of organizations, floats sponsored by local businesses and much more." he said.

The parade starts at noon at the corner of 8th & Main Streets and continues along Main Street to Smith Lane, usually lasting about an hour or so. Area businesses once again will be presenting trophies in more than two dozen categories.

We can't all be in the parade, somebody's got to sit on the curb and applaud as they floats go by. To see the parade in person, come into town early,  because Main Street, Fortuna Boulevard and the neighboring blocks are completely shut down at 11:30. You will either be stuck in slow-moving traffic a mile away or you may have to park a dozen or more blocks away.

If you can't make it into town, it'll be shown live on the FortunaCam.

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2002 Parade pictures here!

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