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This panoramic image is not live, but shows what the camera sees as it pans.
Click on the image to see it much larger, along with descriptions of various areas.


Why does it sometimes take so long before I see a new picture, especially at the start? Or why is the view not changing at all?
The camera uploads a new picture every ten seconds. If it has not yet made available the new image when the JavaScript in your browser makes a request for it, it will not show a new image until the end of the next 10-second cycle.
If your Internet connection isn't fast enough, use this page for a 20-second cycle.
And if the view doesn't change at all? Well, it does go to sleep from sundown until dawn. And during the day, if the network is congested, it may skip an upload, or maybe it'll stop for a bit because we're working with it. But this reliable little robot usually operates at top form, constantly moving the camera and dutifully updating the pictures, so if nothing changes for a couple of hours and there's not a message that it's broken, please let us know.

Why are there raindrops on the picture?
The camera is outside in the elements, and rain and mist will at times collect on the outside of the camera housing. This camera is in a unique position as it is located at a very weather-exposed area of Fortuna, with a full fetch to the predominant wind. The camera may sometimes focus on the raindrops instead of the view.   

Why are there lines, spots and smudges on the picture?
Dust, bugs, spider webs, smoke and pollution can produce this effect on the housing. It's most obvious when the sun is low in the sky. The housing usually cleans itself during the next rain or heavy mist; if not, we ask Neale to go up in the boom truck with some glass cleaner. Sorry, he doesn't do monitors.

Why is the picture all blurry?
The camera may have taken a picture before it stopped moving to its next view. But it can also be quite windy next to the river, so maybe the camera housing was shaken a bit. This is more noticeable during a zoomed shot.

Why are parts of the picture dark?
Sometimes the camera's field of view will include large amounts of sunlight. In these cases, the auto iris on the camera will darken the entire image to compensate for the increased light, and the darker portions of the image will become much darker than normal.

Why is everything white?
The first fog from the ocean hugs the Eel River channel. Sometimes the sky may be sunny and clear on one side of the river and foggy on the other.

If this is live, how come the weather conditions don't match those on the Weather Channel?
Weather conditions can change rapidly and can vary greatly within a distance of just a few miles. The Weather Channel reports the last hour's weather at the Eureka/Arcata Airport, almost an hour's drive north. Fortuna's live weather station is about a half mile from this location and accurately reflects the weather you are seeing. See also the answer to the previous question.

What am I looking at? How far away are those hills?
The camera is located on the east side of the river, so if the river is on the right side of the picture you're looking south. If it's on the left, you're looking north.
It's about ten miles northwest to the beach.
Mount Pierce, at 3,200 feet, is the farthest away, about seven miles south of this location.
We can't see Fernbridge or Ferndale, but only because the trees are in the way. Downtown Fortuna is about a mile and a half north. The Rohnerville Airport is on that bluff in the left in the picture that shows the building roof on the left side and the river on the right.

How can I save one of these stunning pictures?
In Windows, right click on it and choose "Save Picture As...". Be sure to change the name of the file or you will overwrite the last one you saved here.

Why don't you put the date and time on the pictures? That way I can tell if it's really working.
This camera's currently not capable of placing that information on the still pictures, but as long as the images are changing you're seeing them live.

This is pretty neat. I've got a great view also. How do I get me one of these for my web site?
Information is here.

OK, thanks, and one more question, have you seen the remote?
Yeah, it's behind the sofa.

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