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Old Town, Eureka

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This webcam is at the Eureka Branch of the Northern California Indian Development Council, and shows a view of the Gazebo in Eureka's Old Town. It also shows Humboldt Bay and the harbor in the background.

Visit their Indian Art and Gift shop, online or in Eureka. They have a very nice assortment of Kachinas, and in the Pottery section, be sure to check out the Wedding Vase, a perfect and delightful gift for the new couple. [Can I have one, even though I've been married 17 years?]

The Northern California Indian Development Council, Inc. is a private nonprofit corporation that annually provides services to 14,000 to 15,000 clients statewide. NCIDC was established in 1976 to research, develop and administer social and economic development programs designed to meet the needs of Indian and Native American Communities; to provide support and technical assistance for the development of such programs, and the conservation and preservation of historic and archeological sites and resources.   web site