Ikenotaira Hotel
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Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel

Another web cam is here, and follow this link to go to the hotel's web site.

The hotel offers hot springs, a museum, amusement areas including an arcade, casino and bowling center, indoor swimming pool, dining while overlooking panoramic views of Lake Shirakaba and even a Lego play area. Fun for kids, couples, families and friends.

The hotel is located in the Shinshu (Nagano) prefecture, backbone of the Japanese archipelago, blessed with numerous water resources. This prefecture is surrounded by 3,000m class mountain ranges including the Northern Japan Alps
and the Southern Japan Alps. The Shinano River (Chikuma River) is the longest river in Japan, and the Kiso River and the Tenryu River run through this prefecture. Nagano is rich in beautiful natural environment; 78% of its total land area is covered with forests, and 21% is designated as natural parkland.  Continued


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