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Lawn Care

The Dangers of Lawn Chemicals
Grass Types in Your Lawn
Watering Your Lawn.
Grass Mowing Done Correctly
Lawn Fertilizing
Perennial Weeds in Your Lawn
Broad Leaf Weeds in Lawns
Annual Weeds such as Crabgrass
Other Problems With Lawns
A New Lawn

Broad-leaved Weeds Most Objectionable

Fortunately broad-leaved weeds are generally controllable with the 2-4-D group of chemicals commonly found in the "Weed and Feed" type of fertilizers. These weed killers are absorbed through the leaves. The weed dies slowly twisting and curling. Since the material affects the roots as well as the tops, there is seldom any resprouting.

Make certain that this material gets on the leaves. Sometimes granular weed killers dc not stick well to foliage; you may have better results if you spread them when the leaves are moist with dew or after irrigating for a few minutes. Sprays are also available and generally stick better than dry materials, but even sprays may work better if you add a pinch of detergent to the solution. The detergent acts as a wetting agent- that is, it "makes the water wetter" so that it spreads and is absorbed more easily.

CAUTION: These 2,4-D weed killers must be used exactly as recommended in the instructions that come with the product. If you use too little you may not kill the weeds. If you use too much you can damage the grass and soil. Some products, both liquid and granular, tend to vaporize, and these vapors can injure or kill garden plants at surprising distances away. Most manufacturers of weed killers for home gardens use "low-volatile' formulas in their products. Containers (such as sprayers) that have been used for liquid 2,4-D and even related materials such as Monsanto's Roundup are best not used for applying fertilizers, insecticides, etc. They are difficult to clean completely of the plant killer, and even tiny amounts can damage some plants.

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