The Eel River Valley Lumber Company

What is Done at Newburg

This article and its accompanying pictures was found in the May 30, 1896 edition of the Eel Valley Advance, a Fortuna newspaper. Spelling and nomenclature of the time was left intact. Some portions have been obscured over time and are so noted.


A Complete History of the Organization of the Eel River Valley Lumber Company. Biographical Sketches of the Owners and Other Interesting Data


Lumber Mill and Company Town at Newburg.

Eel River Valley Lumber Mill at Newburg. - Eel Valley Advance, May 30, 1896.

This company was organized in 1883. When the organizers, E. Cousins, C. H. Heney, E. J. Dodge and H. D. Cousins resolved in the above stated year to invade new territory they perhaps little realized the magnitude to which the venture would grow in a little more than ten years. E. Cousins retired from the corporation because of other and numerous demands upon his time and attention, and Mr. Heney was removed from it by Death's demand. Today the Eel River Valley Lumber Company occupies a significant position in the ranks of the industry which it represents. No enterprise of a similar nature in the county occupies higher or more worthily earned position. The success of the enterprise has been greatly advanced as a result of the intelligent and well directed efforts of president Dodge and superintendent Cousins and the able corps of skilled and efficient men they have ever called to their aid. Those who have known the superintendent at Newburg best for the last 30 years, in whatever capacity, know that under his guidance no business mistake was liable to be encountered. The history of the company has grown gracefully and in point of business ability and integrity from year to year until it has come to be the peer of any of its co-workers on the Pacific coast. But it is time to turn back to a review of its accomplishments.

The present owners and officers of the company are E. J. Dodge, president and manager; J. D. Tallant, vice president; Thomas Pollard, secretary; H. D. Cousins, superintendent. President and secretary, Messrs. Dodge and Pollard, conduct the main office of the company at 22 California Street, San Francisco, where they also carry on a general wholesale shipping and commission business, and control a number of steamers and sailing vessels. These are chiefly engaged in the transportation of lumber. The vice president Mr. J. D. Tallant, is also a [ - 6 lines are obscured here - ] one of the most prominent and reliable banking institutions in the State.

Mr. E. Cousins of Eureka, who was one of the original members of this company, and is first president and manager, retired some five years ago. He is well known as a most competent and energetic millman, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of all his former partners.

The mills of the company are under the direct charge of superintendent H. D. Cousins. The gentleman is well known as a most efficient and competent millman. He is also a thorough machinist and ship-builder and has had a third of a century's experience in these branches of industry. C. W. Seffens holds the position of cashier and head bookkeeper of the company at Newburg, has charge of all the finances at the lumber-making headquarters, and also conducts the company's store and supply house.



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