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E.J. Dodge.

E. J. Dodge

E. J. Dodge became a resident of Humboldt county in 1866, and was numbered among its most reliable business men long years before the organization of the Eel River Valley Lumber company. He engaged in merchandising in Ferndale, a portion of the time as a member of the firm of Dodge & Waterman, until 1877. In 1878 he became a member of the firm of J. Russ & Co., retiring therefrom in 1882. In 1884 the firm of Pollard & Dodge was organized, and is still engaged in business at 22 California street, San Francisco. Always recognized as an exceptionally correct business man, his cautious handling of its affairs as president has gone far towards insuring the eminent success of the company over which he presides.

H.D. Cousins.

H. D. Cousins

H. D, Cousins, superintendent of the Eel River Valley Lumber company, first saw Eureka on the 6th day of February, 1865. He arrived off the bar in the steamer Sierra Nevada, and in company with Capt. Fauntleroy and a young lady from Arcata was taken from the steamer by the tug Mary Ann. First engaged in ship-building with his brother, E. Cousins, and the initial effort was the brig Hesperian, which was lost in foreign waters many years ago. In 1869 they built (being part owners) the mill now known as the Excelsior, the late Hon. Jos. Russ being a prominent promoter of the enterprise. Disposed of his interest in the mill in 1881 and again engaged in ship-building until 1883, when he became a member of the present company. Mr. Cousins has ever maintained the reputation of being prudent, cautious and upright, and thorough in whatever he engaged. All these qualifications are vouched for by his career in the position which he now occupies.

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J.. D. Tallant.

John Drury Tallant, Vice President of the Eel River Valley Lumber company, has been a prominent citizen of San Francisco almost since the existence of the State. He is president of the Tallant Banking company, and no resident of San Francisco is better known in financial circles. The Tallant Bank is one of the pioneer money institutions of the Pacific coast, and has a reputation second to none in the city in which it exists.

Thomas Pollard.

Thomas Pollard

Thomas Pollard has the benefit of long experience in the lumber trade, having been connected with the well known firm of McPherson & Wetherbee during a period of 12 years. Retiring from that firm he did business on his own account for a number of years prior to becoming a member of the firm of Pollard and Dodge. His record as to thorough business qualification and integrity has never been questioned in whatever position he was called upon to fill.

C.W. Seffens.

C. W. Seffens

C. W. Seffens has been identified with the Eel River Valley Lumber company for several years past, resigning a position with the Southern Pacific R. R. company to accept the one which he now fills. Though a young man he has encountered considerable experience in office and merchandising business, and his record with this company has been highly satisfactory. His capability and attentiveness to duty in the responsible position of head book-keeper and cashier are warmly commended by president Dodge and other officials of the company, and his courtesy and pleasing demeanor have made him many friends in the muster-roll of employes and others with whom his duties have brought him into contact.



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