Personal Histories

Personal Histories

Bob Wills

A 1946 graduate of Fortuna High School, he has graciously consented to share some memories.

"In 1951, the Air Force decided that it simply could not properly conduct the Korean War without the participation of Bob Wills and, apparently without hesitation, recalled me to active duty. While I was there, at Fairfield, California, I had the unsolicited opportunity to be a crew member of one of the largest bombers ever conceived by mankind. When the Air Force was again able to function without my humble presence, I was attending a school in South Dakota, and it dispatched a two engine aircraft to return me to Fairfield."

"After employment with the Fortuna Police Department, I received an appointment to the California Highway Patrol Academy. (The FPD began wearing the blue uniforms a few weeks after I left). My first CHP assignment, in December 1956, was to the Eureka Area. The area office was on the East Side of 101 opposite the intersection of the King Salmon Road and I was able to remain residing in Fortuna. In those days Highway 101 was one lane north and one lane south and almost no passing. Working the Eureka Area was really a bear, with lots and lots of traffic collisions, and it seemed as if I was always in line for the fatalities. I transferred to Red Bluff in 1960, and retired from the Chico Area in 1982."

"Something interesting! Prior to employment with the FPD, I was employed in the PL main office in Scotia where I earned $82.50 for a forty-hour week. FPD paid me $333.00 per month. My beginning wage with the CHP was $395.00 per month."



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