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Marshal Tony

The City Marshal, Tony, was the local law enforcement. I can't recall his last name. (The flash cards don't appear as fast as they used to.) A sight to always remember! The city was subject to blackouts and I can vividly remember him carrying a lantern (no flashlight batteries) when he was checking doors and making his rounds. As far as I can recall, he did all of his patrolling on foot and was always bedecked in a large hat. He never harassed anybody. One Halloween night a bunch of we kids were cuttin-up. I don't know what we were doing other than making noise. There weren't any eggs to throw, tomatoes were out of season, and there wasn't any gas for cars to be rigged to backfire. We met Tony at Eleventh Street, and he mentioned, in a subtle way, that there were some kids "kind of noisy over by White's Grocery." He just wanted us to know, so that we could avoid them. We kids at Eleventh were the same crowd that had been, "kind of noisy over by White's Grocery." That was a gentle way to relate, "knock it off."

I also recall another officer, in later years, who did some of his patrolling from a one lane road. It was a graveled lane that extended up the hill from perhaps Eleventh Street. This officer, when on the mid watch, would park his patrol vehicle in the middle of the lane where he could observe the Red Alert light in the intersection of Eleventh and Main. He would, I assume, most often go to sleep. His was "not to worry" because the residents on the hill would need to awaken him at daylight so that they could get down the hill. No, that was not me.

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