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Museum Improvements

Depot Museum Improvements

More of the history of the Eel River Valley, and particularly of the Rohner Family, will be made available with the redesign and improvements being made to Fortuna's Depot Museum. City staff has completed renovations to the Fortuna Depot Museum to include the "Rohner Room". They removed cabinets and hardware from the second room of the museum, repaired damaged flooring and wall boards, built a small stage area, erected a display case, renovated a second display case, installed UV protection on the windows, (96 individual panes of glass to be exact), and painted the entire room. Staff has also cleaned and painted the exterior of the Museum.

Under the guidance of a coordinator, Pam Service, staff is also addressing current display practices for the other three rooms of the museum The research room formerly located in the second room has been enlarged, redesigned and moved to the back of the museum. In addition a new plan will be submitted to the City that will allow properly displayed items of historical significance relevant to the community, further enhancing our treasured museum.

These events were made possible by the generous efforts of Franklin B. Rohner. Due to his and his family's immeasurable contributions to Fortuna and Humboldt County, future generations will understand how Rohnerville, Rohner Park and Fortuna came to be.




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