Death Visits the Scotia Bluff

Pictures of NWP#184 Salvage

Northwestern Pacific Lcomotive 112

Northwestern Pacific No. 112 (ALCO 1908 4-6-0) was part of the memorial service of this event. It has been restored and is located at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. It is the only remaining NWP steam locomotive in existence. John Manter took a photo of NWP 112 on display at the CSRM Railfair..


image 1

William Holland, San Francisco diver is shown as he prepares to descend into the water again.


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Bulldozers and heavy lines are being used in an attempt to pull off a section of the cab where the bodies are believed to be located.


image 1

Muddy waters have prevented divers from using underwater torches to cut their way into the cab.


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