Derelicts in the old NWP Eureka Yard

Eureka Yard on Humboldt Bay

Landlocked Engines

These five engines have not moved since operations ceased in 1997 and they are still slowly rusting away today. These pictures were taken August 2002. (Update, this picture was taken in July 2009.)

There is a plan to revitalize this area but it is caught up in the local politics. It is highly unlikely this railroad will ever again connect to the outside world, but there is a distinct possibility of a local tourist railroad around most of Humboldt Bay.




Parked and waiting for the future.


Number 70, a GP7 built by EMD in 1953, still painted in Central California Traction color and name.


Number 70, a GP7, ex Reading #607.


Number 2872 is a GP9E built by EMD in 1956.


Number 2872 is still in Southern Pacific paint.


Number 3857 is an EMD GP9E built in 1957.


Number 3857 is ex Southern Pacific #3786, joined the North Coast RR in 1992.


Another GP9E, number 3779 was built in 1957.


Number 3779 was also purchased from SP in 1992.


Built in 1955, this is EMD GP9E #3190.


Number 3190 also came from the Suthern Pacific in 1992.


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The Alton & Pacific Railroad was a privately owned tourist attraction located on Highway 36 in nearby Alton. It no longer exists.


Heralded the "City of Fortuna", this steam locomotive, originally the Hammond Lumber Company Number 16, was once located near the entrance in Rohner Park. It is now being operated as an excursion train in Washington.
More information about this ALCO 2-8-2T.


Three trainmen were killed in January 1953 at the Scotia Bluff, the same location as the picture to the left, when a landslide took their locomotive, the NWP184, into the icy Eel River. (Bill Bish pictures)


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