Scanner Radio Audio Streams and Frequency Database for
Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties
on the North Coast of California.



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Technical information for this scanner radio and its broadcasting methods is at the bottom of this page.

This scanner monitors all first-responder frequencies listed below (Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance and Coast Guard). There are many more active frequencies on the North Coast, and if you are searching for North Coast California frequencies to program into your own scanner, an excellent resource is That site also supplies the scanner feed for Humboldt County north of Eureka.

Our scanner monitors several frequencies used by pilots at local airports. These airports are all uncontrolled, meaning they have no tower nor a traffic controller. Pilots announce their locations and landing intentions over the air to keep track of each other. Depending on the aircraft's altitude, you may hear aircraft transmissions from as far away as the Arcata Airport, nearly 30 miles to the north. If you are interested in sport aviation, please visit our web site which showcases webcams installed at nearby airports.  

Update, 9/2011  The analog output from the scanner is now being fed to a Barix Instreamer, a dedicated IP Enabled Audio Encoder (client streaming appliance). More information

Update, 2013  We are replacing the existing Radio Shack PRO2041 scanner with the GRE PSR-600, allowing us to use the ARC500 program to change the thing's parameters from our workstation. Because the PSR-600 is so sensitive we will need to get it out of the network closet. We are running new antenna cables and continuing the testing.

Update, 9/2016  The stream provided by the SHOUTcast server will be ending shortly.

These listings may be sorted by clicking on the headings.

Name    Type    Frequency    Base of operations   
Arcata Fire Department fire, medical 154.130 Arcata and McKinleyville
Arcata Police Department law enforcement 155.430 Arcata
CALCORD law enforcement 156.075 State wide
CALTRANS District 1 public works 47.200 Eureka District
CLEMARS law enforcement 154.920 State wide
California Department of Forestry fire (CalFire), emergency dispatch, medical 151.250 Humboldt County
California Department of Forestry fire, emergency dispatch, medical 151.385 Mendocino County
California Fish & Game law enforcement 151.415 North Coast
California Highway Patrol law enforcement 42.180 through
Humboldt County
Trinity County
California Highway Patrol mobile extenders law enforcement 154.905 Humboldt County
Carlotta Fire Department fire, medical 154.010 Carlotta
Eureka Police Department law enforcement 154.325 Eureka
Fairhaven Fire Department fire, medical 154.400 Samoa Peninsula
Ferndale Fire Department fire, medical 154.175 Ferndale
Ferndale Police Department (Fortuna dispatch) law enforcement 155.250 Ferndale
Fortuna Fire Department fire, medical 154.235 Fortuna, Hydesville
Fortuna Police Department law enforcement 155.250 Fortuna
Humboldt County MCI Channel emergency services 460.350 Humboldt County
Humboldt County Public Works public works 153.905 Humboldt County
Humboldt County Fire Dispatch fire, medical 154.07 Humboldt County
Humboldt County Sheriff law enforcement 155.070 Humboldt County
Humboldt County Sheriff Main Channel law enforcement 154.740 Humboldt County
International Space Station, Ham Radio telemetry bursts 145.800 When overhead
Loleta Fire Department fire, medical 154.010 Loleta
Marine Channel 16, distress and hailing communication 156.800 Marine
Marine Channel 22a communication 157.100 Marine
Marine Channel 83 communication 157.175 Marine
MedNet - Fortuna Dispatch medical 462.950 Fortuna
MedNet - Redwood Memorial Hospital medical 463.000 Fortuna
NALEMARS law enforcement 155.475 Statewide
OES and Fire Mutual Aid "White" fire, emergency services 154.280 Humboldt County
Rio Dell Fire Department fire, medical 153.770 Rio Dell
Rio Dell Police Department (Fortuna dispatch) law enforcement 155.250 Rio Dell
Rohnerville Airport CTAF airport operations UNICOM 122.900 Fortuna
Rohnerville CDF Air Tanker Base fire, airport operations 123.975 Fortuna
Scotia Fire Department fire, medical 153.320 Scotia
Six Rivers National Forest fire, emergency, admin 168.725 Northern Cal

Technical Information

This scanner has been available on the net since right after broadband arrived in this area in early 2004. Our local network generally had enough bandwidth then to satisfy up to 16 simultaneous connections. For a number of years this was sufficient, but that had to change after the large local earthquake of January 2010 when many hundreds of listeners from all over the world were attempting to connect and were disappointed upon receiving "Server Full" responses.

In Fall 2010 the audio stream was moved to our SHOUTcast server located in Los Angeles, tripling our capacity (9/2016, this server is no longer in service). At the end of that year we also added the broadcaster By utilizing these two services we are able to supply unlimited connections. This was very ably proved the following spring when the Japanese tsunami arrived on the West Coast and the two audio servers supplied hundreds of connections during that incident. One of our web servers which hosted the local webcam image monitoring the Eel River was also tested during the tsunami's arrival, serving up that webcam image 310,000 times that day. It didn't even break a sweat.

This scanner radio is located near the Rohnerville Airport in Fortuna, on the rugged and beautiful North Coast of California, at approximately 200 feet elevation. This location provides line of sight to all of Fortuna and to most of the Eel River delta. It has excellent reception of all North Coast mountaintop repeaters. The antenna is a vertical VHF collinear about ten feet long, mounted at the top of a short mast.

The current scanner is an old warhorse Radio Shack PRO2041. Its analog audio is fed into a Barix Instreamer which processes and formats it into a digital stream. The digitized bits are then wrapped inside packets and streamed to the Broadcastify Icecast service. Each listener gets an individual stream from these servers. The processing and buffering adds a delay, so after you hear the sirens, you may still be able to hear the original dispatch!

If you are a local Humboldt County listener, those packets come back up on the same fiber optic line that we use to send them down to the servers. To get to you they take a round trip of about 1,500 miles, which takes about a hundredth of a second at the speed of light.

The weather data on this page comes from our local Davis weather station, and we also provide and maintain several dozen webcam images.

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